herman de vries: a book is a book is a book...

foto impressie: herman de vries, het Boek der Natuur, CBK Groningen, 2018

a book is a book is a book...
the form is perfect and there is not much that can be changed
we can fill it with signs of our ideas or conceptions and we can empty it of all ideas and conceptions the book remains a book
& we can destroy it
rip out the pages
fill it with glue
& close it
it is closely bound with our culture & one of the oldest traditional things we can formulate react on react with
the change of a book is a cultural change & this is the chance to use this chance inside the convention
to use misuse abuse it
is our freedom
&, we will guard it

herman de vries, 1988

bron: herman de vries, 'a book is a book is a book ...', in Het boek en de kunstenaar, Stadsgalerij Heerlen, 1988