Eleni Tsompanidou
25, 26 en 27 maart 2022

A bitter coffee of consolation is a three-day-long living installation by Eleni Tsompanidou, occasioned by the launch of her newest work, Dear transient, a miroloi for you; an artist book publication created in collaboration with Pieter Augustijn.

The publication is a continuation of Eleni's recent project, A Miroloi of Life, a participatory mail exchange around the topic of grief that took place during her residency at ARTisBOOK foundation at the end of 2020.

Taking as a starting point the material of the mail exchange, Eleni, alongside Pieter, created a publication consisting of 100 artist books that aim to function as a platform for the collective exploration of the topic of grief. The book pages are screen-printed, making every copy unique, and the book also includes an interview/discussion between the artist and art historian Kyveli Lignou-Tsamantani. 

The installation aims to expand the platform for discussing this very topical issue and as a way to introduce the publication.

Stay tuned on this website and social media for the program and activities that will take place during these three days.

Click here for the article about Eleni from Dennis van Dijken on Kunstpunt Groningen.

Folding instructions "Dear transient, a miroloi for you"

Making of "Dear transient, a mioloi for you"

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Impression of the three-day-long living installation.