The Stampa Newspaper, six mail art projects / sex post-kunst projekten, Rubber vol. 3, no. 7-9, Stempelplaats, Amsterdam, 1980 (particuliere verzameling)

The Stampa Newspaper (uncompleted), Stempelplaats, Amsterdam, 1980. Two sheets, each 65 x 50 cm (unfolded) and 32.5 x 50 cm folded. In total 8 pages of which 4 are stamped. In total approx 58 stamp. Concept by Ulises Carrion. All stamps are originally hand stamped. Contains among others a stamp by Ulises Carrion, Guy Bleus, C. Goulart, szombathy, R. Peli, Kristine Stiles, Imagezine (La Mamelle), dziekanka, Klaus Groh, Aaron Flores, etc (particuliere verzameling).