Bookshelf program

ARTisBOOK is excited to introduce the new BOOKSHELF program intended for artists who could use a platform to showcase their artists' books.

The first edition will take place from the 10th until the 25th of June in our archive space and will showcase recently made works from starting artists working in and around Groningen.

We will be creating a presentation out of all submissions and a selection of works will be bought and incorporated into our public archive.

I am an artist. I make and use photographs, I make poetry. I try to make combinations. I make exhibitions. I make handmade books. I make other things. I perform as poet. But in a certain sence I am not an artist. Just because the word artist does not say what I do and who I am. That is why I call myself 'dé dichter in woord en beeld'. Besides this I work as a teacher at the Academy of Arts Minerva, giving lessons and workshops at other places, doing and organizing other projects. Always a lot to do. That is me in a nutshell.

Works: Trieste feestjes, 2016; Achter de komma, 2019; Hinkel, 2019; II (pauze), 2021; Inmijnhoofd, 2022

I am an interdisciplinary artist who works with found materials to explore textures and the combination of sculptural and 2d elements.

Work: Loneliness of the body, 2021, it is a one of a kind piece

In my art I want to create paradox between the object and the viewer. The maker, the object and the viewer. Carrying, without escape, the responsibility of the gaze in the narrative. Through the gaze of the other and reflecting on our own visibility, we shape our self. When understanding the self, we can construct and deconstruct our identity as we please. Finding myself prey of such intimacy, I return to the concept of home. Creating and questioning its substance, allows for a direct way into being examined at the light of my own gaze. Therefore, deconstructing the meaning of home through the different interpretations of myself. In the process of making, the form aids the idea, displaying elements of domestic association.  Spaces where I cement and tear my home. And meanwhile the extension of this construction stands, of metaphoric or physical state, I believe we have all been seen. The viewer has a chance to escape, or perhaps, turn inwards unable to forgo its own intimacy.

Works: Occupying a home. May 2022, there can be as many copies but they have to be preordered to be made; The White Week. December 2021, 20 copies

I am a self-taught paper artist with a passion for anything paper. I bind my own books, I make my own paper, and I practice origami. I also make jewelry in which I like to combine (precious) metal and paper. At the end of 2020 I discovered this great artist book community on Instagram called #areyoubookenough that encourages you to make a new book every month based on a given theme. I started participating in this monthly challenge in 2021, and now I am presenting some of these creations here in the BOOKSHELF program at ARTisBOOK.

Works: 1. Fenced, March 2021 2. Fruit, May 2021 3. Ring 1, October 2021 (the ring with the paper with holes booklet) 4. Ring 2, March 2022 (the ring with the origami crane booklet) 5. Lines, February 2022 6. Food 1 - red pepper and carrots, March 2022, 7. Food 2 - zucchini and eggplant, March 2022 8. Rhythm and Rhyme, April 2022

Radina Kordova is an interdisciplinary artist from Bulgaria, currently living and working in Groningen, The Netherlands. Radina draws inspiration from solarpunk, digitisation, speculative fiction, human behaviour and noise music. She reflects on post-human worlds and environments, cross-species symbiosis and topics connected to the climate crisis, by creating soundscape installations and performances, sculptures and textual pieces. Her practice is driven by storytelling, experimenting, working with biomaterials, and environmental awareness. Radina loves to collaborate and next to being an autonomous artist, she works towards organising, producing and curating art shows and events. Radina is a founder and member of the artist collective “Homescreen”, a board member at the art studio space, “ HUL” and currently in her first year of MA “MadTech” at the Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen.

Works: LOG #1 (2021), LOG #2 (2022); 1 copy of each

I enjoy using different mediums in my work, but my brain will always translate every idea have into a rug. I stand for collaboration between design and craft - at the moment, I am on a quest to find my own mixture of the two and explore the in-betweens.

1 - The light at the end of the match, January 2022; 2 - Roots, October 2021; 3 - Playfulness, November 2021; 4 - Romanian mask, October 2021; 5 - Glutony, November 2021; 6 - Spitting bullets, December 2021

Works: I swear we are time travelling, 2022, edition of 23

Through my use of Art, I aim to express and present the deepest and most intense of emotions, the ones that cannot be shared through any other ways of communication. This book is about grief.A visual representation of the weight of absence, for which I took a snapshot of each moments I thought of my late father in the days preceding his birthday.

Work: Je ne sais pas le dire alors je l'écris (2021), 21 printed

Sometimes I don’t remember anything. A lot of times, actually. However, what I remember I choose to cherish. The joy of diving into the past and nostalgia, into the moments of freedom and carelessness make me forget about the everyday madness.

Works: So, I'll let them be, 2020, edition 8; What time is it?, 2021, edition 5

Combining language, philosophy and humor I play with expectations and meaning, focusing at topics like uncertainty, identity and time. The works resulting from this become like myself: questioning the outside world, while doubting themselves at the same time.

Work: Art should (2019), 26 copies 

Ik maak Nederlandstalige popmuziek. Het zijn allemaal hele verhalende teksten over alle avonturen die ik meemaak. Verhaaltjes voor het Slapengaan is een prentenboek dat hoort bij mijn eerste gelijknamige EP. Hierin vind je alle songteksten en achtergrondverhaaltjes over alle liedjes, naast prachtige illustraties van Ravenmilo.

Werk: Verhaaltjes voor het Slapengaan, 2021, 770 exemplaren

Klaudija Ylaite is a multidisciplinary artist who aspires to enter the field of art criticism, particularly focusing on avant-garde studies and the state of artist autonomy in neoliberal settings. She is currently working on her master’s degree in Arts, Cognition, and Criticism at the University of Groningen, and continuing studio-based artistic practices. In her visual language, Ylaite’s attention is directed at representing innate human conditions, such as infantile amnesia and terminal lucidity. Next to it, she also enjoys translating philosophical treatises into visual language, de-attaching words from their meanings, and creating multimedia environments fueled by imaginary symbolisms, performative actions, and video diaries.

Work: A Child Of Voluntary Exodus ( part I and part II ), 2020, edition of 150 copies