Homezeen presentation on Saturday 10th of April at ARTisBOOK! 

Homezeen! A zine for your eyes to look at besides the screens we're grown to be more and more attached to, especially during this pandemic. Homezeen searches for ways to entertain, inspire and connect ourselves and our readers by holding interviews and talks, making drawings, puzzles, sharing recipes, making music and whatever. It is a physical extension to the online art space Homescreen on Instagram, where many artists and musicians were featured. Now Homezeen wants to keep close to home and focus on checking in on the community in and around our hometown of Groningen, the Netherlands. The first edition of the zine contains interviews with musician Elias Elgersma, artist Allie van Altena, artist Helia Rafi and various contributions from people in our community.

Tell your friends about this nice and cute zine, made with love! For a copy send an instagram dm to @homescreen._ or an email to homescreen@mail.com!

The people behind Homezeen are Radina Kordova, Kamile Cesnaviciute, Jorien Ketelaar and Thomas Scholing :)