I am still alive - Mail Art

Presentation of Mail Art at ARTisBOOK

The ARTisBOOK foundation aims to showcase the richness and scope of the artist's book and to make it accessible to the public. ARTisBOOK focuses on the artist book as a concept. Books, graphic works and posters, bulletins, Mail Art, blog-art, artist texts, object books, postal messages, magazines, invitation cards, and performed lectures are all part of ARTisBOOK’s research domain.

Now in this time of a global pandemic we live in a moment where most of our activities, relationships and interactions are online, the phenomenon of Mail Art has become an important means of expression and is gaining more attention for communicating with the outside world. Mail Art brings the practice of artists outside of their studio.

The Academy Minerva's OffCourses program is now responding to this. This program, organized by Minerva's joint programs, are a substantial part of the program and offer a wide range of elective classes for students to participate in interdisciplinary and emerging Art and Design practices. This year, Minerva students were able to apply for the OffCourse program Mail Art, organized and led by Lola Diaz Cantoni.

A special historical presentation dedicated to Mail Art also be temporarily created in the new physical location of ARTisBOOK Foundation to support this course and inspire, challenge and encourage students when developing their own Mail Art projects. The printed publication I am still alive - Mail Art on the history of Mail Art is also released especially for the students and is now also online.

Stichting ARTisBOOK
Groningen, 18 maart 2021