For it, we are happy to introduce Bernd Ihno Eilts, who did a vocal exploration performance titled ''Let them cook undisturbed''.

About this work, Bernd shared:
This enormous crisis we all are in now, the consequence of being social isolated, not just distanced, gifted me with visiting my kitchen more often. Instead of watching the world news I choose to watch cook instruction videos, especially those ones focusing on the Indian and other exotic kitchen cuisine insights.

In my performance I worked with a selection of instructions, details how to blend, ground, bake, cut, measure, simmer and taste. I add my own very intuitive recipes, that made me become an experimental chef! The basement of this performance contains those randomly chosen instructions, the flavour was added with vocal exploration, based on improvisational techniques. The rhythm of this performance simmer in isolation-slow and crazy-fast.

About Bernd:
Bernd Ihno Eilts is a long year member of the Groningen Vocal Exploration Choir and has worked with outstanding performers and artists like Chris Tonelli, Angelos Messios, Ingrid in der Maur, Annegreet Bos, Ash Kilmartin, Miyuki Inoue and Bernardo Zanotta. He is also a dedicated interviewer at The Groningen Report and has a professional background in painting, drumming, sculpting, photographing, filming and writing.

Visual communication by Eleni Tsompanidou

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