Performative Live Readings #10: Klaudija Ylaite
Thursday 11th of June
20pm LIVE on @stichtingartisbook Instagram account

Through unexposed narrative of the story and collected investigations upon the story a journey starts. There is no beginning nor an ending. It is a time when a story became the story. The story to tell. The story to be. The story to perceive. The story to learn from. Yet the story cannot be revealed. One man said it's fiction but do trust me, I have evidence of the story. Thus through remnants of the story I will try to tell you the story.

Klaudija Ylaite (1997, Lithuania) is a conceptual artist who currently resides in Groningen. In her work, Ylaite explores the power of the everyday. By bringing investigative awareness to the things and experiences that surround us, she makes works that illuminates life and our perceptions of it.

Visual communication by Eleni Tsompanidou
Stichting Artisbook