Performative Live Readings #12: Lucia Dove
Thursday 25th of June
20pm LIVE on @stichtingartisbook Instagram account

Lucia Dove is working on an ongoing project that comprises historical and critical analysis, poetry and photography to explore memory landscapes between Essex and the Netherlands in relation to a shared disaster, the Great Flood of 1953. Lucia was reading excerpts from the experimental non-fiction book she is writing; moving across time and between the islands of Essex to places in the Netherlands. Lucia’s research and writing practice responds to Lindsay Bremner’s notion of unthinking landscapes (2017), in order to respond to the historical, natural, social and cultural conditions of floods and to see beyond demarcated land and into the flowing zone of the lived environment.

Lucia Dove is a writer from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK, living in the Netherlands. Her debut poetry pamphlet Say cucumber was published in 2019 by Broken Sleep Books and her writing has previously appeared in The Tangerine, The Poetry Review and Tentacular. She works at Amsterdam University Press and is a proud collaborator of Plot Twist, a literary collective aiming to facilitate alternative learning and sharing among womxn.

To see more of Lucia's work, visit her website:

Visual communication by Eleni Tsompanidou
Stichting Artisbook