Performative Live Readings #11: Swaeny Nina Kersaan
Thursday 18th of June
20pm LIVE on @stichtingartisbook Instagram account

For the Performative Live Reading, Swaeny Nina was reading excerpts from a blog which she recently started writing. Topics vary from discriminatory technology, capitalist ideology, social media, (black) revolutionary movements, viruses, pop culture, dead art, identity, mortality, policing to zombie work. The blog is meant to be educational, primarily to herself, but also to anyone who's willing to take this journey with me. When interested, you can check it here:

About the artist:
Swaeny Nina Kersaan is a Dutch artist based in London, UK. In her work, she refers to topics like digital media, software, and identity. “A *model is my material, my stand-in &| (and/or), my body. A (female) model that; circulates, interacts, appropriates; is appropriated, performs, reiterates; and merges with(in) the virtual space. Selling and telling complete fiction. Using recognisability to embrace the inauthentic. It is tempting to identify with digital models or correlate them with, ideas, feelings and our own bodies, but these digital bodies are different from what we perceive them to be.

Visual communication by Eleni Tsompanidou
Stichting Artisbook