The Glass Cabinet 

Foto: Nicky Mcarthur


Since early 2018 (year of the first ARTisBOOK Week in Groningen), several collectors began to choose for a topic or an artist who has been working on artists' books; and created a new display in the glass cabinet located on the first floor of Academy Minerva Zuiderdiep. We have had presentations by established artists, such as: Hans-Peter Feldmann, Stanley Brouwn, Nye Ffarrabas, George Brecht and Elisabeth Tonnard. Collections included those from: David Stroband, Barthold Boksem, Marinus Augustijn, Leo Delfgaauw and Lola Diaz Cantoni; among others.

Later on, we introduced the opportunity for current students or alumni who were also busy working with books, to display them in the cabinet. We had exhibitions by Nicky Mcarthur, Eleni Tsompanidou, Ingrid in der Maur and Mathieu Keuter van Lewenborg.

During the 2020 we will begin once again, in March, with a slightly new program: per month, we will alternate the works from established and emerging artist, in order to create a stimulating and inspiring dialogue between each other; but also with the students and by passers of Minerva. Alongside the display, each month we will organize a public meeting with the artist, who will be open for questions, discussions and also, give insight about its working process and way of dealing with books.

The first artist on display will be Wilma Vissers and the date of the meeting is yet to be confirmed. For updates and proposals, follow us on Facebook: stichting artisbook or on Instagram: @stichtingartisbook.

Curated by Lola Diaz Cantoni.