For who? Artist’s bookmakers
What? Recently made artists’ books
When? 28th of April

The second edition of our BOOKSHELF program was take place on Friday 28th of April, from 16 - 20hs. This time the program was happen during one day, in which we invited the public to dive into the book works and also get to know their makers.

BOOKSHELF is a non-curated program that showcases recent works by artists who could use a platform to present and also connect with other makers and the public. 

We were creating a presentation together with the artists and all submissions on that day. Out of this presentation, a selection of works bought and incorporated into our public archive.

Willemijn van Calker - “Ik heb besloten, zo maar even, dat ik je nooit meer wil zien”. 

An abstract story of expressing feelings that should be repressed in today’s society because they are deemed to be childish or unprofessional, yet they are perfectly valid if you dare to trust your own perspective. Why don’t we allow ourselves to experience these feelings?

The story is told through the perspective of the main character; Vogel, you can explore his interpretation throughout the multilayered drawings. 

See the book as an opportunity to awaken repressed feelings within yourself, wether this is pure joy due to the smallest thing in the world or simply anger towards Monday. 

Bella du Toit - Ons Dra Strepe. It's a book about a striped shirt that is worn religiously in my family. There is also an Afrikaans poem in the book, written by my brother, a poet.

Willemijn van Calker - antwoordapparaat. A bundle of poems and photographs depicting my exploration of relationships between text and writing. 

Cecilia Fox - Lexicon of Depression is a collection of fragments that visualise invisible and map out the journey to the darkness and back.

Balta (Anne-Marie Durand) - THE AVERAGE COLOR OF PARADISE. Tijdens de COVID-10 crisis hebben we collectief onze toevlucht tot de virtuele wereld van het internet genomen. Dit boek draait om de vraag: ' hoe het paradijs er in de virtuele wereld tijdens deze corona crisis uitziet'. Aan de hand van zoekopdrachten 'Paradijs' in 3 talen (Engels - Nederlands - Frans) zijn 1500 afbeeldingen en omschrijvingen van paradijzen op internet opgehaald. Vervolgens zijn deze afbeeldingen vertaald naar hun gemiddelde kleurwaarden. De gevonden omschrijvingen bij de kleuren fictionaliseren het paradijs. Opvallend genoeg bood de zoekopdracht 'Paradijs' geen seks-gerelateerd inhoud, terwijl seks sociaal, cultureel bijna altijd verbonden is met het begrip 'paradijs' en omnipresent is op internet. In de appendix is 'Paradise porn' als zoekopdracht gebruikt voor de laatste 100 paradijzen. Het boek is een collectie staalkaarten van 1600 paradijskleuren en kan gezien worden als parodie op reclame, op onszelf, in een wereld waarin we ons voortdurend dreigen te verliezen tussen fictie en werkelijkheid.

Balta (Anne-Marie Durand)

Wilma Vissers - Boek36 tekeningenIt is the result of an exhibition with my drawings at the Noorderstation in the summer of 2020 All the visitors that came to see the exhibition made a drawing after seeing my drawings. When the exhibition was finished. I bound the drawings together and printed the cover page. This is the link to the book. the people involved are mentioned on the begin page.

Lola Diaz Cantoni - Recetario de memorias (a recipe book of memories) is a new work by Lola Diaz Cantoni made during her residency period at Zengården in Sweden, in April 2023. Created collectively with the people who lived and worked on location during that specific period, is seen as a portrait of peoples' memories in relation to food; a subject that moves and inspires Lola very much.

Kees Vossestein maakt naast schilderijen voor aan de muur geschilderde boeken en boekjes. "Een boek beleef je anders dan een schilderij," verklaart hij. "Je ervaart het als voorwerp en tussen de afzonderlijke bladzijden ontstaat een verband. De nabijheid en tastbaarheid van het materiaal in je hand versterken de beleving."

De onopgesmukte manier waarop Vossestein zijn boeken en boekjes bindt, past bij de tamelijk ruw geschilderde inhoud.

Werk: Grootboek III en IV; cahier kv 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25 en 26; bruin boekje 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 en 11.

Diana Ferro - Office Plants. Reproductions of constantly productive plants.

Diana Ferro - on air #1.1 and #1.2. Poetical reaction of the real when trapped in particles and materials. Free to touch. Fragments of a personal studio research and process in the FMI painting master.

Diana Ferro - I was looking for a job, but all I got was this notebook. Collection of reflections and drawings to measure the connection between brain, hand, time and title. 5 minutes freewritings starting with a title. Part of the artist's research process during the FMI painting master. Self printed and edited by the artist on fabriano paper.

Kate Faldina - Make friends not art. It is a playful book with photos that where made in Groningen. There is text included that interacts with the viewer and they are welcome to join me in the walk through the book. It is also a book where people can write and draw something in response.

Kate Faldina - Missed day. It is a playful book with photos that where made in Groningen. There is text included that interacts with the viewer and they are welcome to join me in the walk through the book.

Kate Faldina - Untold Story. It is based on my brother's book about Russian/Ukrainian journalist who went to Kiev when the Russian war started at 2022. The main hero wanted to write an article but didn't as he dies in the end of the story. With this concept I decided to make from a written book a newspaper with illustrations.