Invitation card (© design: Hamish Fulton)

Back of the invitation card

Hamish Fulton

printed matter
76 books and approximately 250 exhibition cards
(photos: Robert Mulder)

room text exhibition NL

room text exhibitions EN

Setting up exhibition with Hamish Fulton, Peter Foolen (curator) and Henk Woudsma (organization), photo: Robert Mulder

Complete list of exhibited works.

Activities of the Hamish Fulton research group charted (photo: Robert Mulder)

Impression of the opening and the Slow Walk (photos: Robert Mulder)

Impression of the finissage with the activities (photos: Marinus Augustijn en Robert Mulder)

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Film made by Vera van de Wetering and Maike Kalmeijer within the context of the education program during the exhibition Hamish Fulton Printed Matter at Block C and ARTisBOOK, 2023.